Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saudi law is not Sharia- Mujibur Rahman

July 8th By Rifthi Ali Saudi Arabian law is not Islamic Sharia law and the Saudi Government can release Sri Lankan house maid Rizana Nafeek, United National Party (UNP) Western Province Councilor Mujibur Rahman said yesterday at a demonstration held in front of Davatagaha Jumma mosque in Colombo.
He said that the Saudi king should recommend Rizana’s release.
The demonstration was held after the Jummah prayers yesterday and the demonstrators called for the release of Rizana Nafeek who is in the death row in Saudi for allegedly causing the death of a four-month-old infant in her care.
The demonstrators marched up to the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Colombo.
A house maid can not be employed as a baby sitter. This is a grave offence and the offenders be punished, Mujibar Rahman said.
“We are ready to pay the blood money for the release of Rizana,” he added. UNP Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake who was also at the protest said that the government had not done anything worthwhile to have Rizana released.
Not a single Muslim Minister or the External Affairs Minister had gone to Saudi Arabia to plead for Rizana’s life, he accused.
Mr. Ramanayake told that the foreign employment agent who sent the under-aged girl Rizana to Saudi Arabia as a housemaid with a fake passport had not been black listed or arrested by the authorities.
Source: Daily  Mirror  July 8th

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