Friday, October 22, 2010

Action For Peace & Human Rights [APHR]

Action For Peace & Human Rights [APHR] has launched, an advocacy campaign to Abolish Death Penalty in Sri Lanka on 10th October 2010, The World Day Against Death Penalty.  In Sri Lanka the Death Penalty is under moratorium since 1976, but annually nearly 100 odd suspects of grave murder cases had been sentenced to Death Penalty. Currently nearly 500 persons locked  in Welikada and Bogambara Prisons, where the  execution of  Death Sentence occurred. Any given time another just about 400 person are being locked in these two prisons until there “Appeals” are heard by the Appeals courts.
These Death Row Inmates are encountered with various issues ranging from “Declining Rights of Prisoners, especially in Death Row” to “Welfare of Spouses” in their families.
Since early 1920s to up to date different civil Society Groups; Public Opining makers and Political leaders, academics contributed to the debate of the  abolish of the Death Penalty.  
Currently APHR is seriously reviewing the previous initiatives of Civil Society to Abolish Death Penalty and in a consultation process to identifying and prioritizing issues to develop a strategic Plan for year 2011.
This blog post, “Prison Notes” is one such initiative to communicate with the partners as well as other key stakeholders who supports the Abolish of Death Penalty advocacy/campaign primarily in Sri Lanka and the region.  
Presently APHR is a member of the Anti Death Penalty Asia Net Work [ADPAN] and a representative of APHR had participated in the 7th World Congress against the Death Penalty Geneva 2010 February 24th-26th.
From the inspection of 2004, APHR has a voluntary Civil Society Net Work Organization advocating /campaigning  “Right Based Approach” to socio Economic and Political issues of the Citizen’s of Sri Lanka. At present, member organizations and individuals are playing a lead role in advocacy /campaigns on “Free Political Prisoners” “Education For All” “Rights of Forcibly Evicted persons from Colombo City”  and “ Abolish Death Penalty” .
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